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(frequently asked questions)

as we said in the quiz, true love honours honesty. here are a few things you might want to know about us.

Who are the match-makers?

we are a student-led team of six that seek to encourage voter registration & youth involvement in south African politics. yoh, vote! is our self-funded passion project, an after-school brainchild that we have released to the world in hopes to get the conversation started about next year's national elections. this is a platform for young people by young people.

are we a data collection hub?

no. as you take the quiz or speed-date the political parties, you will see that we never ask for any of your information. while we can see how many people finish the quiz or visit the website, we cannot see who. you can rest assured that your date remains blind. just like the voting process, the best part of the date happens behind closed doors: just you & your chosen party. 

Why was i paired with someone i don't even like?

this one's out of our control. we make the questions, you make the choices. ultimately, your quiz result is not a claim to who you should vote for, it's just to get you thinking. It's a starting point. we don't believe in love at first sight. play the field, young voter. get around, get involved, and get to the polls.

Are these (really) all my options?

not even close. These are the big 5. we are currently working to expand our dating pool by 3 more parties, there are many, many more fish in the sea. just because we have capped our partners doesn't mean you should. Polyamory is very in these days.

Still curious?

Have you got another burning question? want to get to know us better? Need to confess? our ears are always open.

Thanks for asking. We'll get back to you soon!

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