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Back in '93, Hon. Reverend Kenneth Meshoe laid the foundation for our journey. We're all about bringing those Christian values into the mix, spreading love, and making a positive impact! 🌟 🙏✨

My real-life superpower is ...

I'm totally into Christian democracy, weaving those awesome Christian values into everything I do. Plus, I'm all about social conservatism, holding onto those traditions that really matter. Together, it's like this cool blend of faith, unity, and keeping what's important close to heart🙏

Words I live by ...

📣 "Unite — Build — Grow"

In a few years, I want ... 

Picture this: aiming for a nation that's totally slay, like strong muscles, mega-healthy vibes, super prosperous, and purpose-driven! All of that? Yeah, it's totally based on those cool Christian Democratic vibes. Oh, and guess what? We see families as the ultimate building blocks, creating this value-packed society! Plus, we're all about protecting freedom of religion and keeping families tight-knit and awesome. Let's do this! 🌟💪🏼 

things I can't live without ..

Alright, hear us out: We're all about those old-school, rock-solid moral values. Think marriage, respecting life, and saying 'Nope' to drugs. Oh, and law and order? Yeah, I'm all about keeping things in line and making sure everyone's playing by the rules. We're blending tradition with a serious dose of keeping it real. 🚔💫

A person I trust ...

Our head honcho is Reverend Kenneth Meshoe! 🎩 He's the captain of our ship, steering us toward unity, faith, and making positive waves. Think of him as our guiding light, spreading those good vibes and leading the charge! 🌟

4 things I can offer you ...

🌟 Now, let's talk about my signature policies. Buckle up because we're diving into some exciting initiatives:

1️⃣ Job creation: We're turbo-charging jobs, especially for young peeps, by jazzing up investor confidence. We're all about innovation, research, and backing entrepreneurship big time! Bridging that education-business gap and pushing for paid internships? Fo sho! 🚀💼

2️⃣ Economic growth: Our big goal? Smashing barriers for those often left out – small businesses, unskilled labor, and the younger crew. We're all about giving a warm welcome to foreign investment by clearing up any uncertainty, especially on sticky topics like land issues. Let's make the economy a more open playing field for everyone! 🌍💪

3️⃣ Education: We're all about backing up freedom of religion in schools big time. Plus, we're tapping the brakes on super career-focused stuff, aiming for a more balanced curriculum. Oh, and those crazy learner:teacher ratios? We're dialing those down too. Let's amp up education and skills without losing sight of what really matters! 📚✨

4️⃣ Healthcare: I'm all clean water for all and fair play in the private sector. Plus, spreading the word on abstinence and faithfulness. Boosting hospitals, innovating in medical research, and teaming up for better services? Totally on board! Let's slash those wait times and support mental health, healthy living, and our family values🏥💪

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