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Party Profiles

Let the political speed-dating begin!


African National Congress
Ruling Party

 I'm the ANC, the current ruling party of South Africa, and I'm here to sweep you off your feet! 


African Christian Democratic Party

I am ACDP, a steadfast advocate rooted in Christian values, shaping policies with integrity, compassion, and a vision for all.


Action SA

Keen about taking action, embracing liberalism, and making a difference? ASA is here to shake things up.


Democratic Alliance

 I'm the second-largest party in South Africa, and I'm about to take you on a liberal adventure! 


Economic Freedom Fighters

Once part of the ANC Youth League, we're full of passion and now the third largest party in South Africa. 

Inkatha Freedom Party

Looking for a party that cherishes tradition, unity, and the spirit of ubuntu? Look no further.


Freedom Front Plus

Ever met a political party that dances to the beat of diversity, embraces freedom, justice, and adds a quirky twist of rebellious inclusivity? Hello, I'm the Freedom Front Plus!


Are you intrigued but not ready to go all the way? We know not everyone is convinced after the first date. If you're interested in a more robust set of parties with even more manifesto details, explore the resource below. 

South Africa's Easy Election Guide: Who to vote for in 2024? was authored by Nickolaus Bauer in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the University of Pretoria's Emerging Scholar's Initiative. 

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