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A Date with





🌍 Let's dive into our brief history: I burst onto the scene in 2020, thanks to the vision of the incredible Herman Mashaba—a former Johannesburg mayor and a successful businessman. We wasted no time, participating in the 2021 local government elections and forming coalitions in Gauteng municipalities. We're the new kid on the block, and we're ready to rock the political stage! 💪

A non-negotiable ...

💡 Our ideology is rooted in liberalism, embracing the power of individual freedoms, equal opportunities, and a market-driven economy. If you're ready to think outside the box and believe in the potential of each and every South African, we might just be a match made in political heaven!

Words I live by ...

📣 "Act as one" is our motto. We're all about unity, collaboration, and working together to shape a brighter future for our nation. Strap on your boots because we're in this together!

In a few years, I want ... 

🎯 Our mission? It's crystal clear: an inclusive, prosperous, and secure future for all South Africans in a country healed from its past. We believe in a South Africa where everyone has a fair shot at success and where justice and ethical leadership prevail.

A person I trust ...

👑 Herman Mashaba, the man with a plan, leads our charge. Get ready for a leader who's not afraid to roll up his sleeves, tackle the tough issues, and bring positive change to every corner of our beloved nation.

4 things I can offer you ...

💫 Our signature policies? Brace yourself for a whirlwind of transformation:

1️⃣ Job creation through promoting entrepreneurship: We're all about empowering individuals to take charge of their own destinies. By providing tax incentives for employing young people and fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, we're building a vibrant economy that creates opportunities for all.

2️⃣ Investing in education: The key to unlocking a bright future lies in education. We're committed to increasing funding for schools and ensuring that teachers receive the training and support they need. Let's empower our youth with knowledge and skills!

3️⃣ Tough on crime: We won't back down when it comes to keeping our communities safe. By advocating for stricter sentences for violent crime and investing in policing, we're creating an environment where law-abiding citizens can thrive.

4️⃣ Affordable housing for all: We believe that everyone deserves a safe and secure place to call home. We'll promote private sector investment in low-key housing through incentives and ensure increased access to affordable housing finance. Let's build strong communities, one home at a time!

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