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Back in 2003, something pretty epic happened: the Freedom Front, Conservative Party, and Afrikaner Eenheidsbeweging joined forces, becoming the rad Freedom Front Plus (VF+). They're all about that support from the Afrikaans-speaking crew in South Africa.  🌟🤝

A non-negotiable ...

At the Freedom Front Plus, we're all about that conservatism vibe. We're into holding onto those values that stand the test of time, cherishing tradition like it's our groove. Think of us as the guardians of what matters, standing firm on principles and keeping that respect for our roots alive and kicking🌳✨ 

Words I live by ...

Our slogan? "There is hope!" It's our anthem, at the Freedom Front Plus, we're all about keeping that faith in brighter tomorrows alive! 🌟✨ 

In a few years, I want ... 

So, the VF+ is all about something huge: the right to self-determination for everyone, especially the Afrikaner community, covering language and cultural rights. Our principles? Self-determination, non-racialism, speaking many languages, and holding tight to Christian values. We're in this to make sure everyone's voice is heard and respected! 🗣️✊ 

A person I trust ...

Pieter Groenewald, our VF+ leader, is all about championing our values and making sure every voice, especially the Afrikaner community's, is heard loud and clear. 🌟👨‍✈️ 

4 things I can offer you ...

💫 Our signature policies? Brace yourself for a whirlwind of transformation:

1️⃣ Protection and promotion of mother-tongue education: It's all about safeguarding and boosting mother-tongue education. At VF+, we're all in to make sure everyone can learn and thrive in their own language! 📚🌍 

2️⃣ Protecting Minority Rights: We're all about ensuring that every community's voice is respected and protected! 🤝

3️⃣ Scrap BEE and affirmative action policies: We're focused on creating a level playing field for everyone, based on merit and fairness. It's time to pave the way for equal opportunities for all! 🚫🤝 

4️⃣ Protection of private property rights: We're all about ensuring that property rights are respected and making things easier by slashing through that bureaucratic jungle! 🏡📑 

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