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A Date with

UMkhonto we sizwe



about us...

We're uMkhonto we Sizwe, but you can call me MK, a new player in the political scene but making waves already! Founded in late 2023 by Jabulani Khumalo and backed by the former president Jacob Zuma, I'm bringing that KwaZulu Natal energy to the forefront.

A non-negotiable ...

To transform South Africa into a beacon of equality, prosperity, and sustainability, leading by example in Africa and the world. We're about  left-wing populism and envision a country where every citizen enjoys the fruits of democracy, equitable economic growth, and social justice.

Words I live by ...

Our slogan? Time to Rise Up. 

what we're looking for...

Citizens that are committed to shaping a fairer, more sustainable future!

4 things I can offer you ...

💫 Our signature policies?

1️⃣ Nationalization of Strategic Sectors: We propose the nationalization of key sectors such as mining, banking, and insurance to promote equitable distribution of resources and economic empowerment🌍 

2️⃣ Land Expropriation Without Compensation: We advocate for land expropriation without compensation, transferring land control to the state and traditional custodians to address historical injustices and ensure land access for all!

3️⃣ Parliamentary Supremacy: We propose a shift towards parliamentary supremacy, revisiting constitutional frameworks to empower elected representatives and enhance governance accountability 

4️⃣ Referendum on the Death Penalty: We advocate for a national referendum on the death penalty to reflect the will of the people on this critical issue of justice.

5️⃣ Empowering Traditional Leaders: We aim to enhance the role of traditional leaders in local governance and create a new parliamentary chamber dedicated to their representation

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