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A non-negotiable ...

So, what's our deal? We're all about communism and African nationalism, with a mission to take on global imperialism and kick it to the curb. 

Words I live by ...

Our slogan? "Our land and jobs, now!" We're not messing around when it comes to economic freedom, radical transformation, social justice, and Pan-Africanism. We're here to make some noise, baby!

In a few years, I want ... 

🌍 Imagine a South Africa rid of imperialist domination. That's our dream, and we're ready to make it a reality. We're not just about local struggles—we're engaging with progressive movements worldwide. Who says you can't be a global player and still rock your African roots? 💪

A person I trust ...

✨ Leading the charge is our charismatic leader, Julius Malema. He's got that special spark that makes you sit up and pay attention. Trust me, he's as fiery as a braai on a hot summer's day!

4 things I can offer you ...

📜 Let's talk about our signature policies. Get ready for some mind-blowing stuff:

1️⃣ Expropriation of land without compensation: Say goodbye to those land ownership disparities! We're all for the government taking ownership of all land in the country. It's time to distribute the land fairly and give everyone a piece of the pie.

2️⃣ Nationalisation of mines, banks, and strategic sectors: We believe in the power of the people! Let's take control and ensure that these critical sectors benefit all South Africans. No more private hands profiting while the rest of us struggle.

3️⃣ Free quality education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation: We're all about making life better for everyone. We want free access to top-notch education, healthcare that doesn't break the bank, affordable housing, and clean, dignified sanitation. Let's kick private sector involvement to the curb and put people first!

4️⃣ National minimum wage: It's time to make sure workers get their fair share. We're fighting for a national minimum wage that guarantees a living wage for all. No more scraping by—we're here to uplift our working-class heroes!

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