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I emerged in the year 2000, when the Democratic Party (the main parliamentary opposition during Apartheid) joined forces with a bunch of smaller parties. Together, we formed a dream team that's been shaking up the political landscape ever since. 🤝

My real-life superpower is ...

🎉 I'm not just your average opposition—I run the Western Cape Province and numerous municipalities across the country. So, if you're into a party that knows how to get things done, I'm your perfect match!

A non-negotiable ...

🌟 My ideology is all about liberalism. I'm all for freedom, baby! I believe in opening doors and creating an opportunity-filled society where everyone can thrive. If you're ready to spread your wings and soar, we're a match made in political heaven! ✨

Words I live by ...

📣 "One Nation, One Future" is the mantra

In a few years, I want ... 

🎯 My mission is crystal clear: an open-opportunity society for all. I'm all about giving everyone a fair chance to succeed. No gatekeeping, no discrimination.

4 things I can't live without ...

💪 Four principles drive me forward: Freedom (I'm all about individual liberties and personal choice), Fairness (let's level the playing field, shall we?), Opportunity (grab those chances and make 'em count!), and Diversity (embracing our differences and celebrating what makes us unique).

A person I trust ...

🎩 Leading the charge is none other than John Steenhuisen. He's got the charisma, the leadership skills, and the charm to make your political heart skip a beat. Get ready to be inspired!

4 things I can offer you ...

🌟 Now, let's talk about my signature policies. Buckle up because we're diving into some exciting initiatives:

1️⃣ Job creation: Say goodbye to unnecessary red tape and regulations! I'm all about promoting job growth through the reduction of regulations, investment in infrastructure, and some tax incentives sprinkled on top. Let's get the economy buzzing!

2️⃣ Economic empowerment based on need: Forget about focusing on race alone! I believe in replacing BEE with an economic empowerment policy that considers need and disadvantage. It's all about giving everyone a fair shot at success, regardless of their background.

3️⃣ Devolution and federalism: Power to the people! I'm all for empowering local and provincial governments, giving them more say and more responsibility. Let's bring decision-making closer to the communities that know their needs best.

4️⃣ Ending loadshedding: Say goodbye to those pesky power outages! I've got a plan to privatize Eskom and welcome private sector investments in renewable energy. Together, we'll keep the lights on and the planet happy!

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